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This Service Agreement entered into this date
by and between
(Owner) who's address is
and CROTTY SERVICES INC (service provider) agrees to operate and maintain the Aerobic System located at
for a period of two years and is to be effective from
and includes the two year operating permit required by the state.

1. Crotty Services Inc. shall perform
inspections a year (one every
months) for a total of
over a two year period including inspection, adjustment and servicing of the mechanical, electrical and other applicable component parts to ensure proper function. This includes inspecting the control panel, air pumps, air filters, diffuser operation, and replacing or repairing any component not found to be functioning correctly.

2. Such inspections shall include an effluent quality inspection consisting of a visual check color, turbidity, scum overflow and examination for odors.

3. If any improper operation is observed by Crotty Services Inc., which cannot be corrected at the time of the service visit, Homeowner will be notified immediately in writing of the conditions and estimated date of correction and any costs associated.

4. Homeowner agrees to maintain a factory authorized service provider for the lifetime of the system, as required by state law applicable to aerobic systems. Crotty Services Inc. agrees to make available, for purchase a continual service agreement to cover labor for normal inspection, maintenance, and repair.

5. This service agreement does not cover the cost of service calls, labor, or materials which are required due to “misuse or abuse” of the system; failure to maintain electrical power to the system; sewage flows exceeding the hydraulic/organic design capabilities; disposal of non-biodegradable materials, chemicals, solvents, grease, oil, paint, etc, or any usage contrary to the requirements listed in the owner’s manual or advised by an Crotty Services Inc. service representative.

6. Additional services not scheduled per this agreement; pumping, after hours, effluent sampling, excessive cleaning and/or additional gallons removed, will be charged the current rates at the time of the services.

7. Any additional visits, inspections, or sample collections required by a specific Municipalities, Water/River Authorities, and County Agencies the State or any other regulatory agencies in your jurisdiction require will not be covered by this agreement.

8. Should this service agreement become terminated for any reason, the property owner must contract with another approved maintenance entity, and notify the DOH CHD within
in writing from date of termination. A copy of the new service agreement must be provided as well.
9. Should this agreement become terminated for any reason, Crotty Services Inc. will notify the property ‘owner and the DOH CHD in writing
prior to date of termination.

10. Property owner has a right to maintain their own system. Property owner is exempt from contractor registration requirements for performing construction, maintenanee, or repairs on the system, property owner is subject to all permitting requirements.

By signing this Agreement both Crotty Services Inc. and the Owner agree to the terms contained herein.